How Sobriety Led Me to My Pronouns

As you may know, I am sober and Very Loud about it. Through the communities I’ve connected with online, I have gotten the chance to collaborate with a number of different groups. One of them is Reframe, an app based in neuroscience that helps you build healthier drinking habits, or quit altogether.

I am honored to have been able to write for their brand new blog and to share part of my story with this amazing community. This highly personal article delves into one of the best parts of my sobriety: finding myself. Ditching drinking allowed me to come out as nonbinary and that story is told in this article.

Please check it out: Storytelling AF | How Sobriety Led Me to My Pronouns, by Saratoga Schaefer.

Screengrab from blog post
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1 thought on “How Sobriety Led Me to My Pronouns

  1. MARY ANNA SCHAEFER June 1, 2021 — 11:30 pm

    Nice piece. Thank you for sharing.

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