BEAUTIFUL AFTER BREAKING is the first full collection of poetry by Saratoga Schaefer, an honest, insightful compilation split into three sections that follows the progress of someone discovering their inner truths. Raw, intimate, and at times, heartbreaking BEAUTIFUL AFTER BREAKING touches upon themes such as sobriety, self-care, mental illness, and loss. Buy the book HERE.


Is there really any excuse for taking one life for another in self-defense? That’s what rookie homicide detective Madison Crookston wonders when she catches her latest murder case.  Liza Rider openly admits she killed her abusive ex-boyfriend with a hockey skate and everyone believes Liza’s plea that she was in danger—except Madison.  Still reeling from an ugly breakup with her ex-girlfriend, Madison is inexplicably consumed by the case—and Liza. She knows something is off, especially when a quarter is found on the victim’s body that hints at something the police are missing.  Alternating between Madison’s rogue investigation and Liza’s complicated past, both women get caught up in a dangerous and deadly game that proves nothing is what it seems. Walking the fine line between love and hate, MIMICRY by Saratoga Schaefer is a dark, twisty novel of psychological suspense. (This project is repped by Ann Leslie Tuttle.)


Frankie and Irene were best friends. Up until Irene left Frankie alone in their boring, claustrophobic town after running away to California with her boyfriend before their high school graduation. Upset and abandoned, Frankie tries to forget her friend and moves away from Spiderwood too. But she is astounded when Irene’s boyfriend returns to South Carolina, claiming Irene never went west with him. Frankie is reluctantly pulled back to her hometown of Spiderwood, intent on finding out why her former best friend cut Frankie out of her life and disappeared. As the past haunts her and dark secrets come to light, Frankie must deal with her own demons stalking her at every turn as she struggles with a recent diagnosis. Exploring the meaning of friendship and the impact of mental illness, SPIDERWOOD by Saratoga Schaefer is a suspenseful YA mystery.

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