The Wholeness Retreat

If you follow my sobriety Instagram, you may have recently seen my Reel about how I created and participated in a “Wholeness Retreat” one weekend as a way to flush out some toxicity, accept the present, and embrace the future.

Shortly after, Justine from Balancing in the Southwest reached out, and we teamed up to bring The Wholeness Retreat to the general public as a free PDF guide.

The Wholeness Retreat includes practices such as yoga, meditation, tarot, and nature walks meant to reconnect you with yourself while promoting self-care, emotional awareness, and personal growth.

Make sure to tag us (@the_sober_climb and @balancinginthesouthwest) if you do the retreat, and use the hashtag #TheWholenessRetreat!

You can view and download The Wellness Retreat HERE.

Or download below:

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