How to be Inclusive and Welcoming in the Sober Community

In light of all the recent drama in the sober community on Instagram, with huge white influencers stealing content/designs, using inappropriate words like “tribe”, and being straight-up racist and wearing other cultures as a costume, I think this was needed.

There is an issue with white people approaching BIPOC people and asking them, “What can I do to be anti-racist?” Here’s the deal: it’s not the job of BIPOC to educate you. You need to educate YOURSELF. It’s time for white folx to take on some of the heavy lifting that BIPOC have dealt with for years. I’ve created this as a starting point for other white people who are looking to do that work. PLEASE NOTE: I am still actively learning and educating myself. I’m not an expert. I just thought it might be helpful to share.

This PDF is primarily for white people who want to start doing some anti-racism work, but might be feeling overwhelmed about where to start, particularly in the sober community. I list things you can do and should know, books to read, and several Black sobriety accounts you can follow and support.

I am learning and educating myself and I don’t pretend to know everything, but I think it’s important to spread awareness and inclusivity in a community that is overwhelming white and cis female.

You can download the free PDF here: How to be Inclusive and Welcoming in the Sober Community

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