So I’ve been quite busy for the past six months. I’ve never been great about keeping blogs because real life gets in the way and when I’m writing, I’m usually working on my actual manuscripts and not random thoughts, BUT I’m going to try to get back into it.

Some important updates to share:

  • MIMICRY has been put on hiatus for the time-being. We didn’t want to overextend ourselves on submissions by going into extra rounds, so it has been tabled for now. Of course this is disappointing, but I have faith in that manuscript and I truly believe it will be published one day.
  • I have written two additional novels, one of which is summarized on my Books page. SPIDERWOOD and FIRST IS WORST are both YA suspense novels with main characters who struggle with mental illness while in the midst of danger. I’m finishing up revisions on both and plan to start sending those out in the upcoming year (depending on a few different situations I’m waiting to see play out).
  • I am SOBER now! I quit drinking back in June and I have 4 months. This was a great decision for me and I’m really glad I did it, and that I have the support of my family and friends. As such, I will be starting to blog more readily about that choice and make this site more accessible for people in the sober community as a part of my recovery process.
  • I moved into a beautiful apartment with my Significant Other and recently got a DOG, which is awesome because I love animals and was really missing having one.
  • I am brainstorming three new projects and outlining them to decide which one will be written next. They include:
    • A multiple POV adult suspense about a missing girl at a wedding
    • A survivalist thriller about climbers
    • A YA fantasy loosely inspired by a fairy-tale retelling

I’m excited to continue my writing journey and I’m thrilled that I have so many ideas percolating around my brain. And I’m excited to start blogging more about where I’m at personally; discussing my sobriety and all the things I’m learning about the world and myself that have come from that.

If you want to learn more about my story and my writing, follow me on Twitter and Instagram!

Here’s my new dog Sloopy, taking a nap with one of my cats. You’re welcome.

1 thought on “Update

  1. Glad you’re doing really well Saratoga


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