Update on MIMICRY

As I finish up revisions for Mimicry, I want to take a moment to appreciate this path I’m on and how it came about. I’ve always been a writer, and I’ve always wanted to to get published. The path towards publishing is looooong and things can go wrong every step of the way. However, that’s true of most things in life. It doesn’t mean you don’t try. It doesn’t mean you give up.

Seeing my project listed in DG&B’s Fall newsletter was an incredible feeling. I wrote this book in a little over two months back in the very beginning of the summer. It was inspired by my move from NYC and the whole thing poured out on the page very naturally. I can’t tell you how much this novel means to me. It was my salvation in a time of darkness and it’s my hope, wish, and dream that I can get it published.

Mimicry is a psychological suspense and while it’s entertaining and twisty, it also touches upon things that are more serious, like abusive relationships and mental illnesses. The two main characters both experienced childhood trauma and brutal heartbreak but they are on opposite ends of the spectrum in regards to how they deal with their pain. At its core, Mimicry is about the similarities between love and hate. Some people don’t realize how easy it is to transition between the two. Or that you can hate and love something/someone intensely at the same time.

I also thought it was very important to have one of the characters be queer. You don’t often see a book with a gay detective, and I wanted to show representation for a group that doesn’t really get any in this genre. I was sick of reading psychological thrillers that starred heterosexual white women. So one of my main characters is a biracial lesbian. This addition actually makes my project #OwnVoices. The #OwnVoices term was coined by the writer Corinne Duyvis and is meant to define marginalized characters written by marginalized writers. Because I am part of the LGBT community, and my character is as well, it fits into that narrative. I wanted to write a book that had diversity because I was tired of not seeing it in other novels in the genre.

I hope you all get to read Mimicry sooner rather than later. I am very proud of this book, and the hard work and time I put into it. I went through some rough shit recently and you can ask any creative type; turning your pain into art can be one of the best ways to get past it. Send me good wishes and good vibes as I continue on this path towards publishing. And hopefully one day I can see my book on a shelf in Barnes & Noble!

1 thought on “Update on MIMICRY

  1. Do you Saratoga! Cant wait for you to sign my copy.


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